"It's like how hot dogs come in packs of 10, and buns come in packs of eight or 12 - you have to buy nine packs to make it come out even."

I want to fall down and sleep like Rip Van Winkle.
I also never want to eat Trader Joe' sushi again.
the taste was so different
like an assault on my mouth

I am trying to find the right song to be Little Alouette's new website song.
Yeah- expanding beyond the etsy and LA blog soon! woot!

I know it should be a kiddo song-but I really want this.
or this.
I can't shake David Byrne.
I would kiss his forehead. I would wash his feet.

And then you should see the state of my home.
I walk around squinting.
Everything looks better squinting.

And thank you God I am headed to the salon tomorrow night.
I had to wear a hat all weekend.
I am unkempt.

This is not one of those guilty posts. This is not an excuse.

I am tired and working mad and the world spins and all of the sudden one night Finnian pulls right from his little body all the words that make me just fine.

He tells me in sing song how much he loves us and the excitement of his life is just what I need. It can boil my bathwater.
It can curl my hair.
I am wild and frantic but at the end of the day these small arms...
All of these arms wrap around me and remind me of what I am doing.
I am growing these arms strong and one day they will unfold and the hands will straighten and the long fingers will point in the direction of Now.
Go there.
It's all good.
I know I can.
You told me.
You showed me.

title post- True Stories 1986