along the way

There are times in our lives that just get marked by music you know.
Little scenes that turn in our minds for years.
We have so many and often they are not as cool as we wish they were- but they are ours still.
(like the night in my old college apartment when my friends and I were so convinced that I could sing "In Your Eyes" as good- if not better than Peter Gabriel and we all sat there rewinding the CASSETTE and smoking bowls for about three hours)

There was this one night in Michigan a way long time ago when me and Joe and two friends sat in a compact car and listened to u2 for about 3 hours. It was bitter cold but we were so young that nothing could touch us. It was like our love was a barrier and we just levitated and sang our hearts out and not in the way that you politely sing along to a tune with others around- but singing our hearts out like madmen against black starry skies.

So many times music slices right through reality and takes you to a place you never knew you needed until it happens. It just happens.

Last week in the North of England my delicious brother in law Andy wrangled three dogs, three little boys, and me into his Land Cruiser and drove tiny tiny country roads to take us to some old closed water towers. We all needed to get out of the house and burn some energy and he knew just the adventure. The towers were rad and climbed high into the dreary sky and the kids flew like birds across the beat down land. Old wellington boots and trash littered the ground and it felt so Hitchcock or something similar. There is supposedly a Peregrine Falcon that lives in one of the towers. I held my hat down over my ears and shivered with mysterious delight. It was cool- but really my babbling leads to the drive home. The boys were all quiet and the dogs all calm. We listened to Bob Marley.

It was one of those moments- a sweet spot- where you find a bit of solace from whatever shit is hanging round yr neck. We sang together. We sang together and for that moment nothing was the matter and everything had a distinct shimmer of being alright.

I harmonized a bit and Andy sang like a right dude and we bounced along in the rain and my heart pulled love like taffy.

thanks for that moment Andy- I love ya babe!