grief is a circular staircase

been reading some old Linda Pastan and drinking far too many lagers
watching these siblings bond and find places to be
inside of their grief
crawling towards nooks and arms and memories
safe places that exist between the part of life that goes right on
and the insanity and blur of life being lived after someone just dies
not having siblings I find this particularly fascinating
I find this beautiful
and full of sadness
that is still and full
I try and float here
careful and helpful
trying to just fade into the backdrop of need
ready to catch a fall or come quick with a joke
and for a moment we all laugh with mouths wide open
able to forget just for a moment
what makes us find sobs in dark bedrooms
and in gardens bright with sun
and we all miss him
so much and in such different ways
but he is all around us
he is everywhere