Richie had a falcon named Mordecai.

I was reading a Sir Lancelot chapter book to Finn and Blaise today and one of the stories was about this damsel in distress who had lost her Falcon. It went on to talk about how the bird was on a leash and shit. I try continually to explain to those around me how dumb I really am. I had no idea birds were ever on leashes. I am still trying to get over the fact you can train birds to send love letters or secrets through the air. My mind doesn't want to believe it true.

Birds of prey are scarier than most birds really. I mean they are huge. You can get a license to be an apprentice and matriculate to a Master Falconer. Never met one of those. If I did meet one in a tavern I might buy them a drink and ask questions. It is just something that sounds fascinating. Training a raptor to fly away from you and go get you stuff. They kill for you. I am not so sure that I believe in it but I would love to go to a falconer convention. I bet there is one someplace. I am fairly certain there are interesting people there. I am so sure. How do we ever know what we will become? I never thought in one million years I would be a toymaker. I will never be a falconer though.

I think the people at the falconer conventions might look like Hemingway and have a Hitchcock edge to them. I would float around and learn and flirt and find the secrets to devotion.
They have to put love in those birds.
Love makes them fly.
Love makes them come back.
I know they would tell me that.