The fact that she played The Stones helped a lot.

My neighbor and I signed up for this kickboxing class once a week at our local recreation center. I have been worried about it for days. My friend could not go today and I went alone. Terrified. It was just about as bad as I expected. I was the only out of shape one in the room. I was red faced within two minutes and chugging water the entire time and making nervous hoots and laughs.
I have no core apparently. Core free me. I am stiff. I do not bend like others. Ouch.

It is always good to open up your world and be pushed though.
I walk around pretty confidant for the most part.
I can hang with anyone I think. I can be anything.
I am smart and sassy and fun and serious and good.
But I am also really out of shape and overweight.
It was good for me to reach at straws and make tiny deals in my head and scream on the inside that YES YOU CAN!
It was good for me to be afraid and shy and toned down.
More quiet and focused.
It was good for me to fail slowly all over the room
because it motivated me to do better next week.
It motivated me to try at least. And this is what I have been looking for.
I had a surprise in my class too.
A local blogger is in there with me.
She's adorable and has good form.
I can watch her if I get lost.
Did I mention I have no core?
Do something yr scared of today for me.
Just something small. K?