yearly click day Blaise

I love you.
You are three.
I love that we are taking these yearly click photos with the amber necklace.
I love that Finn takes his with an old shirt of dad's.
I love that someday I will frame them all for you.

and what I wrote to Finnian last year applies to you:

It is making for a great growth series I think as I fast forward in my head and imagine him standing in some backyard all lovely and tall and distracted and really wanting to be done with the picture.
He will be 18 and the portraits will be finished and he will run off and not look back.
But some day when he finds his nostalgia, when he wakes up and his invincible skin has rubbed all off and he is broody for the irrecoverable past. Someday when all he wants in the world is to reach backwards to prove it was once really quite so simple and perfect- well then he will have these to remind him of his mama and all the love and hope she had for his future.
And he will smile and show them to his lover and they will hang them in their house and
he will tilt his head and wonder was he ever really that small.

Yes you were.

Thank you for being a giant sunshine on this earth Blaise. xo
We all love you.