Love, Friday

In 2010 I want to post love letters each Friday.

I think love letters are the pulse of life. I live in fear that they are falling lost away from us anymore. I want them back. I want you to give and get love letters this year. I have collected some love letters and want to publish them.

Some I may have written, some may have been given to me.

Some may be little figments of characters I create.

Some may be from friends.

Some were found in an old antique store.

Some may be from you if you want to send me some.

I just want to know how they move you.

how they make you feel

Love letters require passion and fearlessness.

open and brave

This is a good thing.

Dearest Jimmy,

There is a place, a field beside of the road near our house, that I sometimes think of taking you to. We would pack a picnic and walk there in the hot summer and the sun would start to fluster us and my neck would turn red and drops of sweat would roll down our backs and we would swing our arms and walk and talk. We would talk about things that we don’t really talk about now. We would say what we want to do with the rest of our lives. Things about children and things about you and me. We would slowly fall down in the field after we feast on our baguette sandwiches with tomatoes. (the ones you loved so much when you were in the service) We would fall onto soft blankets and you would make love to me like I know you want to. You would call me sweet names like Lapin and other words you know in French. You would make me sing.

I know you don't want to sit in that wooden rocking chair and stare at something that I cannot see. I know that you can move your gaze and see the future. Just turn your head and the future is standing in the hallway in a pale yellow dress.

I love you Jimmy. Let's go walking soon.

All my love,


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