There’s not even room enough to be anywhere

I rarely have a post in draft status. (like 4 in all the years)
but it happens sometimes when I sit down at lunch and life goes wonky and I lose my time....
My friend went to a reading by Michael Chabon last night and I went all kinda fangirly on her telling her to send him swoony love from me.
I told her I loved him so much (and his cool wife) that I had written about him on my blog.
I kinda lied I guess.
I meant to write about him on 7/6/10.
I sat down and started but something must have happened.

(OOOO and by the way-I had a beer last night with my friend and she said that he wrote me a little note and she has it.)

I do lead a semi-charmed life...
Here is what was in draft:

I watched "Wonderboys" the other night.
I love this movie. (and novel) I forgot about it.
I knew me some Grady Tripp's back in my day.
The soundtrack is ace and I love the characters.
Chabon is a great novelist and I love all of his work but this book just speaks to me.

of the creative process
of being lost in the thick of things
of a place where people hang in limbo
of where art can drive folks
of wanting

Just really interesting and important big thoughts to me.
And then there is the movie. LERV it.