I run my tiny empire from a play room

I have had a hard week.
Woe is me I know.
Joe keeps asking me what I want for my birthday next month.
Instead of making me smile it irritates me as it reminds me that I am getting old.
I do have a wish though...
Joe is working on our garage this fall and at the very back is a small closet.
I want him to turn it into my office.
My girl pad.
My nook.
My room.
I want a key on a purple velvet string...
(ah wishes)

I am reviewing and giving away some fabulous items from CSN stores this season.
I am always amazed at the crazy awesome amount of coolness over there.
You can buy a bar stool at CSN. 200+ shops!
You can buy a baby stroller!
Shop till you drop!
I am going to look for items for my room of my own!
Please look for my review and giveaway on 30th of October and November here!
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