Who the hell is Marconi?

In choir class back in the late 80's I was an alto.
I kinda assumed that all altos were bad ass.
Sopranos were all prissy with perfectly pressed stonewashed Guess jeans.
Tangent: (My God. Anna Nicole Smith was at her height of sexiness during this time.)

Altos were like Benetton sweatshirts and leggings. Sopranos were prissy.

The teacher made us sing "We Built this City" by Starship because she thought it was bad ass.
We sang it so many times that it became imprinted on my brain.
My frontal lobes were pressed.
It was taught to us in almost operatic choral arrangement
and I have been randomly singing it for like 20 years.
I will be just rocking out my normal (non normal) life and all of the sudden I will bust out:

Marconi plays the mamba

Listen to the radio

and it's annoying- there are other songs too.
Songs that for no good reason I sing out in operatic ways.
Finn has started to tell me I am weird.
He says, "MOM! Stop it!"
I know.
It is like the worst song ever made or so said Blender magazine in 2004.

It's just so unfortunate-
to have the tics that I have.

I also close my eyes a lot when I talk.

How are you weird?