Don't drop pennies

I was on top of the Empire State building today.
I looked through bars across the glittering city and felt vertigo snaps of fear
people were everywhere
to my left and right
the wind was bruise blue cold
and we all just huddled together
like the same person
looking for awe
and the art deco dazzle and all of the effort it throws out and around
still can't make it sexy like the Chrysler building
but it is mighty
straight right up there tall
I think it is the tallest building again in the city
And people have jumped from it
I couldn't even get close enough to the steel to take a proper photo
my hands shaking

from the wind and the fear of -
well it must have been God
and people have jumped from it
there must be something so sad inside of someone to make them jump off things
because the saddest truths we learn
we learn so very young
not yet tall
the tiny sadness
that lives in the mouth of mothers

you cannot fly