guest posters rock: Gregory Beauchamp

Anonymous Holly said...

The prints are all fab :) I adore both FOOD and HOMESTEAD, but ALPHABET is my absolute favorite!

Thank you yourself for sharing your wonderful artwork and thoughts and the smiles they brought me.

CONGRATS HOLLY! xoxo Thanks Greg!

hi there. my name is gregory, i sell art on etsy, and i'm amy's guest today. thanks for reading.

i used to get a lot of christmas cards as a kid. brother, sister, parents, aunts, uncles, old babysitter, godparents, and grandmas who always slipped in a dollar. many of these cards required thank you notes which mom would say needed to be on her desk by the end of the week. late on the final afternoon i would write one master note and duplicate it for each person. all the relatives on my father's side lived within a one mile radius of each other in a small township in the upper peninsula of michigan and i often wondered if they got together and compared thank you notes, discovering they were all the same. and if they did this, i always hoped they realized that there wasn't any laziness in the sameness of sentiment, but instead, as a kid, there are only so many ways to say i love you.

so when was the last time you got a thank you?, as the guest, i'm saying thank you to you and to amy. last year she graciously gave an hour to a stranger over the phone and from those 60 minutes, i'm more of an artist today then i was ten months ago. THANK YOU AMY.

and for you there's a piece of art at – – it's a thankful giveaway. go ahead and take a look...if you see something you like, leave a comment, tell us which one and why, and we'll pick one person to receive their choice as a special thank you for being here yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Everyone else gets a new car. : )

cheers, gregory

art winner chosen by on Monday!
sorry no cars