guest posters rock: mackinink

hi. it's me...karey m. of mackin ink and one-half of the t.ruffle girls. i wanted to come over and tell you a story.

just about the sweetest thing happened last week. i think of it still, and my eyes mist like mad. you might need to read this to better understand why. now or later or whenever or even never. i'm not terribly demanding about things like this.

so. my grae-rose was coloring with my esmé, while my lillie was somewhere else not making mischief for once. i've been thinking about my sister a lot lately. memories of her slap me awake some days. cradle me calm on others.

but grae started singing. and i'm not one to tell you i have the prettiest, the smartest, the fastest, best best best of the rest, do you know? that would just make both of us feel awkward and, at some point or another, you'd have to break it to me that they're not as -est as i think they are. they are pretty funny, and i do enjoy the heck out of those three. i'll tell you about that another time, though. back to grae's voice.

clear. as a canary.

i stopped drinking my coffee. put down my pen. let my computer sleep. just...stopped. i could've sat there all afternoon listening to my girl.

but what wrecked me? what completely chewed up my heart and swallowed it whole without even saying can you pass the butter, please? was watching the way esmé looked at her older sister while she sang. no need for more apple juice. she put down her crayon. rested her chin in her hand. just...stopped. i bet she could've sat there all afternoon listening to her girl.

did i ever tell you my sister used to sing to me?

thanks for inviting me over, amy. i am terribly fond of you. oh. one more thing. mary and i have this shoppe. would you like to buy some candy for your soul? we made it just for you. xoxo, friends. karey m.