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What did I leave at "home"?

I left the negativity. I left the judgments. I left the looking down through glasses that are never rose colored. I left sadness. I left despair. I left heartache. I left disappointment. I left my parents and their constant disapproval. And I went home.

Home to positive. Home to where there aren't any judgments. Home where I have my rose colored glasses on. Where there is happiness, hearts full, proper challenges, and ever-pending success.

Sometimes when you leave something, no matter how hard it is to leave it, it's for the best.

I hope I can go back one day.

I hope they will welcome me.
And I hope we will agree to accept each other, and our differences.

I hope that we can leave the past and start living in the future.

I am willing, but only if they can see me.

Really see me and respect me for that path that I have chosen to travel.

My conference roomie Mishelle
wrote this workshopping piece
in the Writer's Craft Workshop at Blissdom a few weeks ago.
Her photos are on flickr.