and decades seemed further than ghosts

Two nice things:

Last night I had dinner with my gals Michelle and Jenn and it was an awesome three hour plus spread that started with Mediterranean food and stretched out to vegan bakeries and then to a good old coffee shop full of real talk. The thing that was the best was when I was at the counter ordering from Ethan Hawke Circa Reality Bites in the flesh I could hear their laughter behind me in a small nook. I realized that hearing my dearest friends laughter is much like hearing my children laugh. There is so much joy inside of those audible expressions of people. And I really do float on it.

Also. Today I have been married to Joe for eleven years. This makes me smile so hard corners want to crack. Our family bed was ruckus and annoying this morning with spindly arms and legs causing me great discomfort yet all I could do was look over at this man who seems to always glow against the white sheets. He looks the same to me as he did on that amazing Spring day back when we had no idea what life really was and decades seemed further than ghosts.

back when we had no idea that someday we would be eleven years older
because time stood a bit still then
back when we had no idea
but tiny hopes that we would love so hard
as we were projected into the future

and here we are
and it's all good.

Happy Day my love.
As Ever, Amy

image via ffffound