So come dance this silence down through the morning

Finn complains that I am weird.
The thing is -he has no idea how weird I really am.
He has only known me under 6 years. We danced today in the mess of this house. We danced right over laundry that has likely been washed twice and now is on the floor of the living room. We danced to the Counting Crows and I tried to tell him how when I hear Mr. Jones that my heart just jumps right out of my body and flies down Rt. 33 and spins over Athens, Ohio and never shatters.

I tell him that 1993 was this wild year and he laughs at me with his teeth that are growing in so big. He laughs at me and I just spin Blaise faster around and around and we stomp all over boxer briefs and at least for a little bit the day is not stressful.

Joe is trying to teach me to let go a bit more lately and just enjoy life.
because sometimes things really are outside of our control
Because sometimes things don't matter as much as we think they do
It's beyond my control sometimes.
The mess. The money. The worry.

But these moments.
These little moments I need to grab them.
I need to grab them and clap my hands wildly as the day unfolds.

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