A Pea in the XL Pod/ Maternity Chic for the plus size

I would love to make a little series this year about plus size maternity.

I think one thing about being pregnant that is difficult for most moms (even if yr stick thin) is letting go of yr closet for a extended period of time. We live in our clothing and we seek shelter and comfort and routine in our wardrobes. I love fashion but I do not love maternity fashion as a plus size gal. I have found that it is expensive to dress chic while knocked up if you are above size 12. (I know there is Old Navy but I hate to look like everyone else)

This time around I am trying not to purchase many items (even though I gave away most of my maternity wardrobe from Finn and Blaise- whoops) and be more creative. I have asked a very fashionable pal to think of a post for me and have been hoping that anyone out there can leave a comment about what they would like to see or learn or share a tip? I think when I search for plus size maternity I am hoping that I will land on a mom like me somewhere hacking some maternity wear and sharing tips and tricks.
So I thought I will try and do that for others.

Maternity Hack for Plus Size #1

Think outside of maternity and beg and borrow.

My friend Kate lent me her maternity clothes bin the other day and while she is much smaller than me she does have a bit of a Beyonce booty (It's hot- she won't mind me saying that) so sometimes she would buy a size up in stretchy dresses, tunics, and pants and those are working for me now.

She had a simple sheath stretch dress from Target (in photo above) that is the Liz Lange collection and although that little dress is a large and I wear a XL or XXL in that line I was able to rock it as a tight little tunic that I pair with cargo pants or jeans. I dress it down and I ignore that fact that it was a dress for a smaller person.
It works for me.
I say:

Borrow from friends - YES- even the smaller ones!
Get thee to the thrift store and look for stretchy tunics and dresses!
Wear them as long shirts.

The problem with being plus sized is that it can take a bit longer for the belly to show. This is the honest shitty truth. My smaller friends pop out these perfect tiny round bellies quickly and I look frumpy and square for a while. It sucks.
But, this time around I am determined to do what I should have done last two times:

Wear clothing that fits!(Big clothes are not attractive on anyone.)
Wear clothing tighter against my curves and be proud! (Create smoothness with bella bands and hug the tummy with fabrics)

Be Brave.

So. There.
Does that help anyone out there?
Is there anyone out there?
Let's talk maternity and clothes and style once a month?