Thunder only happens when it's raining

Sometimes amazing things comes from the hardest times.
Look at the Fleetwood Mac Rumours album-It is golden really.
1977 and it will be played forever.
across sad living rooms
in tiny cars
and college bars
until the end of time

It was made in a studio full of pain and people in and out of love and lust and hard times and insanity. It was pushed from people because they just had to get it out. They had a lot of things going on personally but the art was paramount.

I need to go into my studio and make.
I need to put away thoughts like:
people will forget me if I go away for a wee bit
You won't right?
I won't miss anything.
I might find myself.

I will still be over at @littlealouette and in the shop a few days a week
because work has to happen.

But I can't be my super social self right now.

I can't be the most popular girl at summer camp.

I just need a couple weeks or so...

xo amy

image via ffffound