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Just thinking about small biz advice...We were so honored to be over on Design Sponge recently dishing out some family biz advice. But really- what the hell do we know? We are still swinging wildly from the learning curve.... :)
BUT- we do love to talk shop with others and we get a lot of emails and convos asking for advice or just to chat and vent about running a family business.

This is one thing I have been thinking about:

A family business will instill the entrepreneurial spirit in children.

It's never too early to talk to the whole family about why you do the work you do.

Our children are living this magical (but real) narrative of what it is like to follow your dreams- what it is like to change gears and choose happiness.

They will someday tell their college roomies over cold beers that their parents were toy makers.

This is ace.

photo via ffffound
concrete hermit

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