where I am

I have been working a lot lately and I feel guilty about letting my space sit like sadness all still and stale. This blog needs some blood pumping through it soon. I am going to pay a little attention to it soon. I have been working on my manuscript and LA. I am also at Comfest this weekend trying to make some cash to pay my very late bills. It's pretty hot and humid at 90 degrees plus and I feel like a beast.

Also the festival circuit- not as much fun sober I must say.

I took the kiddos and the babysitter with me yesterday and they had a blast.
Fair Food rules.
The people rule.
(check out my friend's post with lovely freaky fun photos of comfest here)

I feel sad for days though.
What gives with hormones?
I cry over the sink for no reason.
In the bath I lean my head back and taste salt on my cheeks. I think too hard about anything and like auto pilot the back of my hand smashes right up to my mouth and my eyes scrunch up.
I am a freak.
I also have decided that even my toenails look older lately.
(and yes- that is making me cry too)