baby love

I am a really lucky girl.
First my pub night gals (what a crew love love love love love them) took me out for ice cream and a movie and gave me a gift certificate for 24 hours of a mother's helper.
How rad is that? 24 hours of my choice already paid for to my neighbor teen to come and help out with anything I need in the weeks after the babe comes...Love this idea and plan to steal it.

Then today my childhood BFF Michelle and dear pal Carrie
gave me and my preggo friend Kels a baby shower!
It was lovely.
I have not been so relaxed in months.
Joe took the boys hiking and I just sat around with amazing women and stuffed my face with gorgeous food and opened pressies.
It was ace.

Then tonight I finished up the nursery.
It feels so real to stock it with blankies and diapers and such.
Finn gave up his room to bunk with Blaise (Hello BUNKBEDS) and we turned his old room into the nursery without spending a dime.

We just re-purposed textiles and furniture and rugs and made it work.
It is simple but I think a really sweet cozy space.

I love some of the cute new additions to the room though- like the new quilt made by a dear friend and the tiny moccasins given from my fashionista pal.
I love all the receiving blankets and tiny diaper covers.
I love it all.

I will stop gushing now.
it's just all so real.