Today is a day like no other and just like all the days.

His smell is intoxicating.
His sounds are ridiculous and like tiny little baby birds in an afternoon nap years ago.

We are all fragile.
It starts with the wide anterior fontanel and when that closes a small part of our chest wall must open and let our backheart peek out a bit.

I know what a heart is.
It is the muscular rhythmic organ that keeps us here, but it also has a back part to it I am sure.

A part way behind the chambers that holds our pain and our passion.
Why else would it hurt so much inside of there?

I feel like this baby came from my backheart- not my womb.
He came from this place that feels love like brilliant dynamite.
Like brilliant dynamite that just rocked my whole flipping world.

Someday I will surely recall this day in my life and I won't forget the people in the scene of now- the gorgeous boys at the table, grandma in the kitchen, my love, my baby here settled in my lap.

all of it.
all of it.