Kidd Sharp

I have been up since early morning cleaning and sorting.
I am sticking the two boys together to share a room to make a nursery for the new baby.
It's so funny how the last two times I had a theme and mad ideas and everything just so.
This time round we will be lucky to have the poor babe a stocked and minimal room.
I have to-date bought only 1 thing!
(pack of newborn pacifiers)

It's coming fast (about two weeks) and I am in full on insanity.
Do they call this nesting?
I have cleaned and purged so much that I have a giant pile of donations that nearly take over the play room today. This is a good thing.

We don't have a name yet- just lots of ideas that we throw at each other in the evening.
Finn and Blaise are convinced that we will name him Kidd Sharp because they like it.
We don't know much.

We just know that it has finally come to the place of complete love and anticipation that creeps up daily and tightens our throats.
It's almost time for our hearts to push out and expand again-
to pump and shudder with wild love...

image via fffound