I always did it for half an hour a day.

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When we were married a long time ago we decided to take the small amount of money we had pooled together and buy a little plot of land in Athens, Ohio.
We did not buy expensive wedding rings
(I had no engagement ring for years and years)
Joe pushed me up against an exterior brick pub wall in the north of England and asked me to take a chance on him.
To take a chance on this life together- I said yes without hesitation.

We had a very indie wedding before it was called such...
We just knew that someday we would want to stand on land in the country.
Land that was our land.
We had no idea of much else.

We paid that land off this past month and I am still in shock when I think about the possibilities.
I am sitting here and I have imagined at least six impossible things before breakfast that we can do now.

It's wild.