Movie Scenes That I Am Making In My Mind.

Soldiers coming home to rush the pavement towards tiny children that look like taffy stretched since the last time. The fatigues blur with speed. The children all smile. We see inside of the soldiers mouths when they cry.

Old friends meeting at a crowded airport, weaving through the bodies, like choreography. They find each other and lock elbows like old men in the winter. They lean in at the forehead and wonder where all the time has gone. They hold secrets inside of their minds. The camera shoots inside of their ears and into their brains and we are sad for a moment that we can't have at least two lives. 

The moment you know that you will kiss the other person. The opportunity window flies open and some sort of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind things start to unfold and the kiss allows everyone sitting in the audience to know what it is like to covet. The man holds the woman by the back of her neck. The woman arches her back. We watch the twitching of their closed eyelids.

An old Greek woman with the softest skin sits plump on a stool outside of a tavern. There are cats that mill around her slack calves. She has a sour face but that is only because she is full of regret. When the people walk by she mumbles words and phrases from old nursery rhymes. She laughs. There is a constant stream of fat tears that track line flood her face.

Two women forgive each other on a tree lined street. They squeeze each other at the edges of jackets, at the shoulder, at the hands. There is a montage of all of their friendship fly past with perfect indie music softly bellowing.  The redhead pulls at her hair and a zipper appears. She unzips her entire body. The zipper goes down the center, past her belly button. The blond woman steps inside of the redhead. The redhead strains to zip up, but the track pulls and smoothly the zipper rises up like the sound of someone saying "I am sorry" in a language only women know.