wish lantern love story

We made those wish sky lanterns one summer

but they started fires because we drank jeiggermiester and lit them on a windy night

and all around the dry crackle July fields of the house that I first lived with you we ran like idiots

with buckets of water

and we were going to do so many things

and I still listened religiously to female singers

and tori would tell me that things are gonna change so fast

but we still had invincible skin and time to blow

hard against the beautiful hills of Ohio


and all night long I would be with you

and I learned that sex in the movies was always stupid and fast

and it was really slow like slugs

leaving their trails across the universe

wet whisper arias that echoed through a hamlet

through a tiny forest


and in the mornings when all of the fields were slick with dew

I would walk them to the edge of our property

to where the small post box hung rickety

and I would raise my arms up and 

tell everyone and no one that this was the most beautiful place in the world


photo source