Gullible's Travels Part 2

Part II : A Voyage to Women's Studies Middle-earth

 Women's Studies minor and I was open to the world. Girls everywhere. Theory and feminism and all the Ani Difranco anyone could ever want. At least the frat boys that hung near the backs of our necks were transparent with their ways. We could swat them like gnats. We could squash them like beetles. The girls were smarter though. Faster. Meaner.

I realized much later that it had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with the fact that we all had no idea what the hell was going on. Some of my lesbian friends are now married to men. Some of my side kicks in slutsville now curve their bodies around soft bellies and breasts as they go to sleep, turning towards a woman's love. I read my journal now and I feel my face beet up like a match stick.

I used to take things at face value.

I used to never be wrong.


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