a poem a day for a year #14

random shit I know

Dire Straits is always a good choice for karaoke

tea should be hotter than fire

pant hems are always better longer

lemons are the wonderkind of the fruit world

moonlight is kinder than sunlight

but candle light is sweetest still

I also know

inside of my mind

you are preserved

frozen with perfect

clear skin and not a wrinkle

near your eye

and you look like the way

it feels to watch

Stand By Me

you look like the feeling

a movie

gives me

you look like River Phoenix

tough like switchblades

only you don't

but you do

you look like that feeling



I close my eyes

you immobile

like a marionette

and I hold the strings

with my big back teeth


and sometimes it must be you whispering into the dark night

sometimes it must be you

because I am not even moving my mouth