a poem a day for a year #26

my alma mater has a spring literary festival
that looks just like the one in the movie "wonderboys"
lots of love and lust and peculiar activity
late at night
brick buildings
illuminated by the light of all of the youth
with words
deep inside of their bones

this year Terrance Hayes reads 
I know it's true because I read it with my own eyes
I heard my friend say it with her pink mouth too
once she drove him in a car
they sat side by side in a sedan
so so close to his beautiful shiny brain
to her literary festival she drove him
at a university in the south
and for this I am jealous   
burn like a love hangover

I want to meet him this year 
and not come off like the freak I am
I don't want him to know that I hold the poems he writes
to my breast
I don't want him to know that I can't breath when I read his string of words
his magic moments
I just want him to notice something special about me
the way my hat is tilted
and he will think to himself 
god that woman wears a hat well
and later inside of the only nice hotel in our town
he will wipe down from a hot late shower 
sit down with a towel around his neck
and write a poem about us all