a poem a day for a year #7

I have Kanye's Stronger on repeat today

Don't act like I never told ya

this poem is not for you by the way

you over there

yeah you

it's only for all the freaks

flying flags in the street

memory keepers

heart burst seekers

coming out of tombs

burping dust 

like Indiana Jones

you know how I long I been on ya


I had a crossiant with an old friend recently

we talked some

but mostly shoved butter flakes in our mouths

we took a drive later and the trees made stick soldier shadows across the road

the sharp afternoon light snapped back and forth

like disco lights inside of the car

and he told me that I was the keeper of the mundane

the insane

the world

he told me that I made all of the misfits ears burn

and I leaned across the seat and grabbed him by the shoulder

and squeezed it like you do

when you just love someone


don't act like I never told ya