a poem a day for a year #309

sometimes in the fall
when the leaves give it all up
when the year feels like
an old cardigan
I want you
I want to talk to someone
who knew me when I was little kid
or when I was 13 years old
someone who can verify that I did indeed
once have a beautiful freckle
on my left hand middle finger
someone who held me first
I want you to come back
through the forest of time warp
scoop me up on your bike
and take me there
I promise to be so much better
we'll ride like hot head love bombs
into the night
past people
the tiny world
of our past
whiz by
and not one us
ever dies
the camera in my head
takes our picture as we kiss
flash bulbs burst
the whole sky is a frightened bird
but I'm just walking down High street
kicking leaves
I'm just turning up my collar
to another