a poem a day for a year #52

I don't ever care if songs cross over into the sell out zone

clink glasses with fame

I just like them because they take me some place shiny

Today when I walked my legs into the gym

Iggy Pop sang to me The Passenger

I wallowed in the distinctive riff

and slammed my feet right in front of the other

walking to thinner land


Why does my body want to be fat?


You can shut your mouth weight loss wunderkinds

I know it prefers to be soft and round

plump magnificent

pushing up against people

a breeder perhaps

a farm stock tough body

but it never likes to stay small

I will always have to fight

rage against the good damn night

in this bag of bones


the gym

the punk ass gym

is my outcast field of dreams


on the recumbent bike

I think about my life

but Iggy he soothes me

he makes me feel like we are against the world

the stubborn melody within the melody

pushes me to keep slamming one foot in front of the other

and she rides and rides