a poem a day for a year #79

picking the label from my green apple
rolling it between my thumb and finger
gummy sticker soft
the sun is pouring down over my shoulders
I have a small halo
there are baby birds somewhere
chirping out code
my baby
fat with dirty legs and hands
begins acquiring words like gems
he hands them out to me
one at a time today


jolting me out of my head
out of the worries that life is too short
that this is what there is to do
out of my bad mind 
out of the opposite of childhood 

and in a flash he grabs my hand 
we stand up together
I bite the apple and leave it in my mouth
spit running down my chin as
I pick him up and spin him
around the yard
he laughs and almost chokes from the joy
we both point at the sky
and I say