a poem a day for a year #82

I hear Celine Dion in the fancy foods department of the grocery store today
that damn little flute bit in the beginning
before Celine makes it all go sad far away dream land
that little flute assaults me
and transports me back to Mykonos
when the song was on full cult status throttle
and all of the people on the whole island loved it
it blared from discos and coffee shops and everyone wanted
someone to draw them in the nude
or press them hot damn to the bow a ship
everyone wanted to be in love like that
even if you died
tragic really
in the end it is a very sad song
but I remembered it like a flash
this hot creperie man I flirted with
on the main drag of the town of Mykonos
he would blast it from his little boom box
on a cafe chair
and when I walked by
he would hold his hands out
and sometimes we would dance in the stone street
sometimes I would put my head on his shoulder
and wonder what sadness there was in the world
when the sun could be so warm
when the island flowers could smell so summer strong
when people could dance with such grace
when my heart had a thousand chances left

I leaned on my shopping cart
I leaned in and looked around
wondering how long I had been out in the ether of tragic ballads
the grocery store alive like ants
everyone moving and grabbing
and me just standing still
washed blue like the Aegean sea