a poem a day for a year #90

just hold it together for a little longer
something could be spelled out in the fat fluffy clouds
above your head
a word
a turnkey thought
a map
you walk out back
light up a smoke
hold a beer bottle by the neck with two fingers
look up into the sky
and it's all there
like a gift
wouldn't that be ace?
wouldn't that be unexpected?

just don't give up yet
I knew you as a child
when you were small and real
and you ran laughing through the streets
when you had inches to grow
and shiny eyes
and dreams

and if you knew someone when they were a child
if you knew someone at their pinnacle of truth
before the world punched them in the gut
and they found mad desire
and terrible consequence
if you knew them
it makes it all so much more
red and rainy and worth
shouting about

just hold it together for a little longer
just look up
just look up