a poem a day for a year #64

I teach my children to mine their memories
we sit on soft cushions
I instruct them to close their eyes
go back to the best day
grandfather farm tractor days
soft arms
the landscape scent of other countries
the sounds
red balloons
funny people
fried chicken picnic dinners on soft green hills
mother and father and kisses and safe warm nights

just pick a place
a time
go there

jump right in

it's called episodic memory recall
but to my children it is meditation
time spent with me
safe sound quiet

I am teaching you everything I know
I am growing poets here in this garden
in this laboratory of love
I don't have so much to give you
but what I hand over are the things you may keep

mental time travel belongs to you
it is your playground
the place that can soothe the beastly ways
better than pills my beauties
better than all the things we stuff inside of us to make us feel better

just come over here and sit with me
let my voice be your guide
trust me that you have all the maps
let me show you all the places we can go