a poem a day for a year #69

I have prodigal daughter daydreams
rooster crow worries
I know God must be all around me
I can see it in the light of my children's eyes
in the perfect circle mouth
awe and beauty and

just touch a tree
feel it
sit beneath it
put your hands on someone
feel their heartbeat
feel the warmth
look at the moon
look at your own hands

I keep looking up in the sky
around the corner
down the lane
I am not sure he knows me anymore
this big massive god
this myth

mommy where do we go when we die?

and I just open my mouth

restless hands find my face
their floppy hair heads
pat head
kiss head
talk about the bird flying by the window
point at the baby as he smiles like a lunatic
sing out loud and clear

I am a crappy north star
I am a no good guide