a poem a day for a year #98

I sign all of my personal letters
as ever,
something small I stole from someone else
years ago

I favor it over
which sounds snotty to me
like a hand on a hip
which is just boring
and not real anymore
like the word hug
or the letters x or o
that you just want to punch in the gut

I am quite fond of yours,
but that is so iffy
with the opposite sex
no one wants to be slutty
by accident

I also love
"I'm actually yours. With love, your Natalie
from the film Love Actually
but people don't really write things like that all that much
and I am not sure I could pull it off
even though I love the world like madness
as ever,
I find it fits
most letters
most exchanges
most needs and wants

I have picked it
like red lipstick
like high beam blonde hair
like strange love
it is mine
and it is all for you
it is all for you
burn it in on your frontal lobes
like advertising