a poem a day for a year #100

my friend is afraid to love this man
that she actually loves
she says that she is afraid to get hurt
her heart broken
I nod my head and then beat it on the white kitchen table
I ask her to come over and look at my bruises
to bring me ice for my wounds

I am sorry I say
but I can't stop banging my head on the table
because you are sad
and confused
and it's so obvious to me
like neon
like a sale price
like a sign

love each other
for ten days or the rest of your long life
put your arms around him and go

I ask her to imagine herself in a white slip
tumbled haired red skin from the hot damn love
his torso nude
sheets draped
the sun
it always shines
there is probably Simon and Grafunkel playing
you are not afraid
you can make your life a very pretty movie
you are the little man in the film booth

push play