a poem a day for a year #123

I know things now
things I would not have known
had I married other men
you know who you are
things like
how to strike a sensitive area with a less sensitive area
I could head butt in a pinch
because I watched you do it once
in a bar fight in the north of England
things like
tea is medicine
for the weary
the wicked
drink it always
even directly after lager
things like how to start a fire
ever so gently
with small sticks
with tiny air from your lungs
you were a boy scout and it always turns me on
things like how to
let my body be free and loose
and do the work
it loves
I always confused sex and love before you
things like how to look into a mirror
and love the person
looking back
wave and kiss and really want to say hello
to stay for a bit
these are things
these are things you gave me
small presents
little breadcrumbs
I eat them all
greedy hungry
for more