a poem a day for a year #226

I'm sorry loving me is difficult
like puzzles
like sudoku for the first time
fucking sudoku or Rubik's Cube underwater
with duct tape around your hands
and loud music playing
the world is on fire
I'm sorry I don't know how to be better
at this thing called love
life and the whole world rests on my shoulders
until I shrug it off
and things get messy
I've been thinking about bridges and how I want
so many of them
I want to walk across bridges
run to the other side
sit down at a corner cafe and do a crossword with you
we would laugh
the sun streaming spindle tree light
across your face
and you would tell me
how easy it is to love me
it's like rain
the inside of a child's laugh

you would say it out loud
I would smile
and forget for a few moments
who I am