I'm learning the art of songwriting this summer

From this guy. Lizzie of Earwig. They are pretty awesome.
I've always wanted to write a song and it's time to learn.
I feel like it's stretching my writing in a new way.
I've been collecting words.
Lots of them.
Eavesdropping on people and writing down the things they say to each other.
It's wild what we just say in the world.
Out loud.
People are communicating and dangerous and open all around you if you just listen. 

I hope by the end of summer to record a song with Lizzie. 
Earwig will have a new album out soon. It's exciting. 
This is an older song from Earwig. It had a lot of radio play. 
I wish I could meet this Ron House fellow.
He sounds so interesting.
Sometimes he is referenced in Bela's amazing story filled blog. 
Sometimes I think there should be a big, fat novel written about the Columbus, Ohio music scene. 
Anyhoo, make sure to follow Lizard on Twitter. 
And be excited for a song. Soon. xxxxx