4 days till it's over

i started wearing a watch the summer you died
after a whole life of not looking at my wrist
time is a fast train and
what if i'm learning
how to measure it
for the first time
this terrible summer is almost over
and all of the beauty that lived in it will live under this
my bed
the taste in my mouth
like misunderstanding
i really don't get this whole thing
i am different now

once you looked at me and told me I was trouble and you could tell there was something brewing all around me and I laughed that laugh you can't forget the one that you could hear in a crowd and I told you it was true that you knew me all the way around
that no one got me like you did get me
then you got gone
and i think that the summer is almost over
people are wrapping up
the night comes
you can imagine leaves dropping soon
I will set my watch to it