The blog world is big. We don't all know each other. We know of each other and about each other and sometimes we are lucky and connect and sometimes we just silently read. No matter what- we all are connected in a lot of ways.
I just know that I am so sad that a little girl has died.
A little girl that inside of my computer screen is all of the little girls and little boys I love.
A little girl that represents life and the way it is fragile and beautiful and unknown.
A little girl that was loved so much.
Her mother is a wonderful lady and I cannot imagine this day for her.
Heather's daughter Maddie died last night and I urge you all to visit The March of Dimes today and think about giving. Even if it is only the 3.45 you would spend on a latte. Every dime counts. Put your hands on those you love today. Wrap yr arms around them. Tighter.