Zombie mommy

My leg hair is so long it could be braided.
At my 6 week postpartum appointment today I gasped at myself standing naked in the fluorescent lighting while waiting for the doc.
Oh My God.


I also had a lovely chuckle as the doctor
began her birth control monologue...
I don't even want to have sex with myself.

I handed the barista nickels and dimes today and there was dirt under my nails.

Also- What is in fashion this season?

Beuller. Beuller.

I need tips and tricks.
I need low cost/low time ideas of how to get my mojo back.

I need a hand to hold.

(at least my baby is flipping cute.)

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Today is a day like no other and just like all the days.

His smell is intoxicating.
His sounds are ridiculous and like tiny little baby birds in an afternoon nap years ago.

We are all fragile.
It starts with the wide anterior fontanel and when that closes a small part of our chest wall must open and let our backheart peek out a bit.

I know what a heart is.
It is the muscular rhythmic organ that keeps us here, but it also has a back part to it I am sure.

A part way behind the chambers that holds our pain and our passion.
Why else would it hurt so much inside of there?

I feel like this baby came from my backheart- not my womb.
He came from this place that feels love like brilliant dynamite.
Like brilliant dynamite that just rocked my whole flipping world.

Someday I will surely recall this day in my life and I won't forget the people in the scene of now- the gorgeous boys at the table, grandma in the kitchen, my love, my baby here settled in my lap.

all of it.
all of it.


Scout is here

William Scout was born yesterday at 2:34pm.
He is smaller than my other guys at 7.6lbs and 18.5 inches long-
but he is just as charming...
I will post some proper pic soon.

Thank you so much for all the well wishes and love- xoxooxoxo

baby love

I am a really lucky girl.
First my pub night gals (what a crew love love love love love them) took me out for ice cream and a movie and gave me a gift certificate for 24 hours of a mother's helper.
How rad is that? 24 hours of my choice already paid for to my neighbor teen to come and help out with anything I need in the weeks after the babe comes...Love this idea and plan to steal it.

Then today my childhood BFF Michelle and dear pal Carrie
gave me and my preggo friend Kels a baby shower!
It was lovely.
I have not been so relaxed in months.
Joe took the boys hiking and I just sat around with amazing women and stuffed my face with gorgeous food and opened pressies.
It was ace.

Then tonight I finished up the nursery.
It feels so real to stock it with blankies and diapers and such.
Finn gave up his room to bunk with Blaise (Hello BUNKBEDS) and we turned his old room into the nursery without spending a dime.

We just re-purposed textiles and furniture and rugs and made it work.
It is simple but I think a really sweet cozy space.

I love some of the cute new additions to the room though- like the new quilt made by a dear friend and the tiny moccasins given from my fashionista pal.
I love all the receiving blankets and tiny diaper covers.
I love it all.

I will stop gushing now.
it's just all so real.

Kidd Sharp

I have been up since early morning cleaning and sorting.
I am sticking the two boys together to share a room to make a nursery for the new baby.
It's so funny how the last two times I had a theme and mad ideas and everything just so.
This time round we will be lucky to have the poor babe a stocked and minimal room.
I have to-date bought only 1 thing!
(pack of newborn pacifiers)

It's coming fast (about two weeks) and I am in full on insanity.
Do they call this nesting?
I have cleaned and purged so much that I have a giant pile of donations that nearly take over the play room today. This is a good thing.

We don't have a name yet- just lots of ideas that we throw at each other in the evening.
Finn and Blaise are convinced that we will name him Kidd Sharp because they like it.
We don't know much.

We just know that it has finally come to the place of complete love and anticipation that creeps up daily and tightens our throats.
It's almost time for our hearts to push out and expand again-
to pump and shudder with wild love...

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A Pea in the XL Pod/ Maternity Chic for the plus size series #2

Maternity Hack for Plus Size #2

Take the focus off the BOOTY/lower region and show off those ta ta's and legs!

I have a couple night outs soon and I am thinking that the best way to disguise the growing ass is:

to practice long lean lines in one solid color
use a great heel to stretch you out more
leave that
d├ęcolletage open and glowing
think about jewelry near the face

Again I am just recycling an old DKNY wrap dress from years ago and pairing it with some Liz Lange maternity leggings( 12 bucks). I like to keep volume on top when pregnant and the skinny leggings keep me feeling long and leaner. It is a more relaxed look but with great hair, make-up, and heels I can rock this out there in the nighttime world.

Show off yr UP UP UP (boobs, arms, face)
and wrap up yr ass in some form fitted leggings or slim fit pants or skirts!
Dresses are good- (Wrap/A-Line/Empire) and you most likely have some of these in yr closet already! Wear what you have. It's so freaking Eco chic!

Be Brave.

See last week's hack here

Tiffani Thiessen and Brady Smith LA baby shower had Little Alouette toys!

Little Alouette was so thrilled to be a part of actress Tiffani Thiessen and her husband actor/artist Brady Smith's baby shower in Los Angeles. When family members came to us with love of Little Alouette we swooned over the idea of being able to create gorgeous toys for the shower as gifts for the couple as well as for decoration and gifts for the family and friends.
I have always loved Tiffani even way back in the day and it was really neat to be a tiny bit star struck as I filled the order.

Tiffani and Brady expect a bundle of love next month!
Congrats and Little Alouette and the Sharp Family send mad love! xoxo

please do not use photographs without permission xo
photos via Jill Smith

A Pea in the XL Pod/ Maternity Chic for the plus size

I would love to make a little series this year about plus size maternity.

I think one thing about being pregnant that is difficult for most moms (even if yr stick thin) is letting go of yr closet for a extended period of time. We live in our clothing and we seek shelter and comfort and routine in our wardrobes. I love fashion but I do not love maternity fashion as a plus size gal. I have found that it is expensive to dress chic while knocked up if you are above size 12. (I know there is Old Navy but I hate to look like everyone else)

This time around I am trying not to purchase many items (even though I gave away most of my maternity wardrobe from Finn and Blaise- whoops) and be more creative. I have asked a very fashionable pal to think of a post for me and have been hoping that anyone out there can leave a comment about what they would like to see or learn or share a tip? I think when I search for plus size maternity I am hoping that I will land on a mom like me somewhere hacking some maternity wear and sharing tips and tricks.
So I thought I will try and do that for others.

Maternity Hack for Plus Size #1

Think outside of maternity and beg and borrow.

My friend Kate lent me her maternity clothes bin the other day and while she is much smaller than me she does have a bit of a Beyonce booty (It's hot- she won't mind me saying that) so sometimes she would buy a size up in stretchy dresses, tunics, and pants and those are working for me now.

She had a simple sheath stretch dress from Target (in photo above) that is the Liz Lange collection and although that little dress is a large and I wear a XL or XXL in that line I was able to rock it as a tight little tunic that I pair with cargo pants or jeans. I dress it down and I ignore that fact that it was a dress for a smaller person.
It works for me.
I say:

Borrow from friends - YES- even the smaller ones!
Get thee to the thrift store and look for stretchy tunics and dresses!
Wear them as long shirts.

The problem with being plus sized is that it can take a bit longer for the belly to show. This is the honest shitty truth. My smaller friends pop out these perfect tiny round bellies quickly and I look frumpy and square for a while. It sucks.
But, this time around I am determined to do what I should have done last two times:

Wear clothing that fits!(Big clothes are not attractive on anyone.)
Wear clothing tighter against my curves and be proud! (Create smoothness with bella bands and hug the tummy with fabrics)

Be Brave.

So. There.
Does that help anyone out there?
Is there anyone out there?
Let's talk maternity and clothes and style once a month?

just can't wait

My kids godmother (and my and my bff from 5th grade) is in labor right now.
She is about to have her second child.

We have known each other from unicorns and bubble letters
to late night whiskey rampages in college.

We are now in the mama stage of our friendship and it's kinda gorgeous.
I can't wait to hold that baby and tell him all the stories
about his lovely and wild mother.

Smooches beautiful Michelle!
We are thinking about you!