We are more alike than we are different

When Laura Mayes told me that I had a piece of art hanging in the show at Mom 2.0 I nearly choked. Me?
But, I really choked up when I saw it.
Those amazing ladies had 15 different artists create designs around bloggers words!
It was magic.

Thanks Rachel for the photo xo

My nose feels like Velcro.

I am suffering from a cold. It is devastating me. This winter is the worst.
I am trying every holistic concoction to feel better.
Every cocktail of herb and twig to rid me of this malarkey because I must board a plane on Thursday for Houston!
I am going to Mom 2.0 where I will spin round and round in a sea of pals and even speak a bit on "Why Women Are So 2.0". I am really excited to go- I just hope I feel better soon!
Any good ideas?
My nose feels like Velcro.

I also am taking a wee blog break so I can conference and attend to some Little Alouette business and others things. I have some awesome friends coming over to guest post for me for the next week. I know you will love them! (We may have a giveaway I heard! Awesome.)
I will be back refreshed and ready to burst back into my space with lerv.

If you are at MOM 2.0- follow @littlealouette for chances to win TOYS! xoxoxox
I may even have something to share. xoxoxo

photo via loveyourchaos

Blissdom Conference 2010

I am at speaking at Blissdom in Nashville this weekend!
I got here early this morning and am surrounded
by smart and gorgeous women.

It is lovely.
I attended some stellar pre conference workshops today
and am looking forward to the start of Blissdom in the morning.

I am currently thinking about deep and important issues
from my comfy bed at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel:

What am I wearing to the cocktail party?

via pirouettes