do it with a heart wide open

My friend R had a fantastic Holiday Gift idea.
She is going to buy these small books
and bag them in these
along with bottles of white vinegar for green cleaning
and other small items like energy-efficient light bulbs
and microfiber towels
and give green
I love it! I must steal that idea for some family members!

and then I must share that I cannot no longer hide my true feelings for John Mayer. I didn't ever mean to love him like this. I even resisted him when he talked about my body being a wonderland. I would only allow my body to sway a bit back and forth in public. Just like a tiny shoulder nudge back and forth. Damn it though. I love you John. I love you and yr song is on repeat all damn day.

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I thought about writing something really witty about the end of NABLOPOMO
that lasted about twelve seconds
I will just say
I actually loved posting everyday
It was good for me
I met some cool cats and discovered tons of cool blogs

Things running round my mind:

last night I attended a scrapbook party.
I know. I ain't got no alibi cept it was at my friend Kate's and she had pie.
I made some stuff.
Also today through the mail shoot came the Thomas the Tank engine replacements.
I eye them suspiciously. Are they really new ones? Does the lead still live there?
Also today I ran out of my favorite hand cream SKIN FOOD.(actually all purpose cream) It sits sad and crumpled and I must have more today. Weleda is my favorite skin care line ever and the diaper cream they make can morph yr child's bum from a scary place to perfection in nearly one use. Try it, you'll like it.