"You can have roots and wings"

tractor girl, originally uploaded by turnsharp.

I am headed down to the land of dial up- deep in the hills of Southeastern Ohio. A place that is so slow paced and thick with time that it sometimes attempts to swallow me whole when I stay for a few days. My boys will run on acres of green country grass untouched by chemicals and we will eat berry pies made from the hands of my 89 year old granny who probably picked the berries off vines older than she is.
Joe is staying home to work on Little Alouette this weekend and I will miss him. I will bring him back bounty from the country.
I learned to drive on a tractor you know.
I am Joe's Appalachian princess.

Title post- Sweet Home Alabama 2002

On the banks of the river on a well beaten path

We just got in from our little adventures. I have loads to share and a ton of photos.
I will just love ya and leave ya with this one.
Tractor girl.

Questions from pals in like 1989:

How are you such a good driver Amy?
How do you know how to use a stick shift so well?
Is there a secret to parallel parking?


Yeah dude. Drive John Deere's and learn about gears before yr ten.

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I could go crazy on a night like tonight/When summers beginning to give up her fight

I am on a pilgrimage now.
Packing for the getaway and quite sad about leaving Joe.
I am going to hole up at
my parents and write and unleash the kids to the wild hills of Appalachia.
I am going to drive my road and deal with dial-up. (gasp)
I will be around, just not as much.
I will find a way to blog everyday though, because I am rock star like that even in the sticks.

I can't lie. I am a bit sad about the Bigfoot hoax.
I saw something
Yeti like when I was a child on my parents land.
It can cause me to draw breath quickly even today when I think about it.

People have made fun of me always about it.

I don't research Bigfoot or keep up with anything that is not plastered in the media- I just silently believe.

I can't help it. You would believe in little green men too if you saw one at the bus stop all alone an Autumn morning you were eight.

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