Kirtsy takes a bow. Book day!

I am so flipping over the moon to have a piece in the new Kirtsy book, “Kirtsy Takes a Bow – A Celebration of Women’s Favorites Online” that I have been floating around all day. I am more than honored to be included with all of these amazing women. It spins my mind. I remember the beautiful face of Laura Mayes when she told me about the project two summers ago in San Fran. She and all the Kirtsy girls have become really wonderful friends to me. I hold them close to me. And all of these women and these voices- it's pretty amazing.
Another gal to think about today is Katherine Center- my dreamy novelist pal.
She's talented and thinks about all the things that matter.
She's someone I want to know better in my life.
I wish you could command folks to become yr mentor or BFF. :)
I adore the trailer she made Laura. Check it out:

I will be a the Kirtsy Book party in NYC on Dec 2. I hope to see you there! xoxoxo

Feeling lonely/Thats the way it goes sometimes

blaise, originally uploaded by turnsharp.

Sweet Maya over at SpringTreeRoad has a wicked cool November Black & White Photo series. I am in. Come and join in! I took some photos of Blaise looking at vintage Holiday books today. I am no photographer, but I love looking through the lens at this boy who has the sweetest smelling head in the world. Happy Sunday. I have got the Sunday blues and I hope you don't.
Kiss Kiss

This one's for you this one's for me/do it in the name of love

I am sad about Paul Newman today.
He was good people.
He gave money away.
He seemed to have led a full rich life.
He was a race car driver and an actor
and hot even in his 80's.
I just loved him.
You know how it goes.
Here's to you Paul.

I am going to repost yesterday:
Please play?

My divine friend Joslyn and I have been chatting for a while now about how we need to make lists that are for our lives and how hard it is to create and sustain that giant "bucket list" over the course of a life, but how it is far more manageable to keep ongoing yearly goals and lists.
After some inspiration from the amazing Hula Seventy, Jos decided to do a list of 34 things before she turns 35 later this year and since I am turning that magical number too I hopped on board too.
These lists are meant to be realistic and in the spirit of being good to yrself.

Simple things. Small things. Meaningful things.

Now here is the fun part:
Please join us in sharing yr lists.
What do you want to do before yr 25 or 43 or 55?
Next month? Next year? How can you make the time to be good to yrself?

Inspire us please?
Share with us by linking to doobleh-vay and simple lovely blogs and posting yr own list.
Leave us a comment that yr participating too.
We will pick one each day next week to share with the world.
And perhaps a little prize at the end too?
Kiss Kiss

1. Go see a movie alone and moderately dressed up.
2. Get a pedicure.
3. Take that ballroom dancing class with Joe.
4. Make Moroccan Chicken again like I used to.
5. Smile more
6. Write a thank you letter once a week to someone.
7. Spend more time off the computer/write in my paper notebook more.
8. Contact three more "out of reach" stores with my product.
9. Join the soup club and rock out with fall soup making.
10. Practice at least five random acts of kindness.
11. Go to a pumpkin patch and not Whole Foods front stoop.
12. Find a way to get Hunter Boots.
13. Entertain again. Scary as it may be- one small party.
14. Write my Love letter for Karey
15. Write a letter to Karey.
16. Organize my writings and office.
17. Bake a seasonal pie.
18. Have a milk bath.
19. Query three more magazines.
20. Go to the read to yr baby festival in town.
21. Make Mr. Kelly from the Hardware Store some cookies.
22. Go to this bakery more.
23. Teach the boys a new song.
24. Read a chapter book to them and not skip pages or make up random narrative about main character shopping for Prada handbags.
25. Get serious about handmade holiday.
26. Make Joe giggle.
27. Make more phone calls and write more letters to those I care about.
28. Visit our land in Athens and stop and get a Cafe D'Orlean's Coffee.
29. Watch the Carry On movies with Joe.
30. Go a whole day without saying no to my children.
31. Go a whole day saying no to all adults if I please.
32. Get a writing schedule on a paper and tack it onto the wall.
33. Get a check-up.
34. Walk to the Firehouse with the boys again and stop at Cottage Candy on wander home.
Please visit my review blog for some Monkey Love:

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Is that you baby or just a brilliant disguise

the Sansom window project:

Those brilliant folks from Something's Hiding in here. (Love them) have been working with Urban Outfitters to host a wicked cool installation in Philadelphia, Pa.

From the website:
inspired by industrial letter signs, multi colored text, and everyday sayings... we made our own marquee sign out of wood. now the fun part begins, we want to collect your messages to post on the sign. we're not looking for insightful proverbs, but rather ordinary, simple sentiments.

So send in yr messages/yr whispers/yr screams.
How freaking cool is this?
I sent one.
Go here and be inspired by art
it really is freaking everywhere...
and if yr near you can go and check it out...
directions here

found via

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I've been a miner for a heart of gold

It was a GOLD RUSH today.
We have been reading about the wild west and talking about the gold rush so we decided to have our own panning for gold experience in the backyard. I took small pieces of foam covered in gold glitter and hid them beneath sand in my trusty large wash tub. We used some old camping tins and water and panned for gold!
It was fun and kept their attention for quite a long time
I read some stories on the gold rush and California to them while they played and later we counted all the gold and since Finn had twenty pieces he could buy something out of the "general store".
There was even one shiny piece of gold left for me.
Guess what?
It was just enough to buy a cold Stella Artois from the "store" for mom.

For older kids- here is a good timeline to print out!

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He turned to me as if to say/ hurry boy it's waiting there for you

We have made a little update to the shop. I am going gaga over the new maple toy Joe made. She is called Lil Lark Roller and she is gorgeous. We also made a Egg Shaker too! Today has been filled with work and cleaning and lots of sweat. I hope as the night falls we can relax. It is hot today. It is looking like a beer and carport kinda night. Kiss Kiss.

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Field and fountain, moor and mountain

I know it is July and any talk of Christmas is madness, but I must start now for my Handmade Holidays if I want to have any sense of bliss and joy during the real season. I like to make gifts for folks I love and last year we made a promise to start early so we would not be insane in December.

I think the holiday time is really for hanging out and enjoying each other. I used to love the rush and hustle bustle of finding perfect gifts, but as I get older I like to shop all year and buy things that speak to me for certain folks and make things that mean something.

This year I want to make some funky jigsawed key holders I saw in a cool Japanese book from the library and I found some old mirrors and doors from salvage that I want to pretty up. I also wanna make my own DIY version of these for folks and perhaps some lovely freezer paper stencil t-shirts. Kiddos are going to get wood toys from the shop and some new cool items are in the works. I also wanna keep making art smocks bc I think they are great gifts when paired with art supplies. I have to reign my enthusiasm in and choose three or four projects or I will go wonky and nuts.
Does anyone else start early on handmade projects?
One more thing...Are you going to blogher?
Email me yr cell number if ya wanna meet up and have a drink!
amytsharp(at) gmail (dot) com
and a partridge in a pear tree

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And sometimes it takes more than a lifetime to know

Thank you rattlesnake charmer for introducing me to this gem of a singer. I love his folk heart. How lovely are these words he sings? How wise?
If you have a broken heart or a battered soul
Find something to hold on to or to let go
To help you through the hard nights like a flask filled with hope
Darlin' do not fear what you don't really know
Cause it won't last - your worries will pass
All your troubles they don't stand a chance
And it always hurts the worst when it's the ones we love the most
Darlin' do not fear what you don't really know

I am so glad to be back home and back to the business that I do best- (kiddos and mom hanging out minus stress!) It was a great weekend and it filled me with a spirit of kindness and community again and I met many cool folks and learned a lot! My wood products were the hit and what I will focus on next year. I am beat down tired, but Mondays can often feel like this even when you don't live on the street for three days right? So I am sure Tuesday will be a fresher day. I missed my computer and all the lovely people that live in it...

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According to all sources, the street's the place to go

More from a day of rain and Prideparade and Comfest. I was a bit sad about the storm that messed up my tent and ruined a few things, but after it was all washed away the evening unfolded just perfectly. No one but myself was surly I noticed, so I had to knock it off. There is so much positive energy in this community festival that you simply must assimilate or you might melt into a pool like the wicked witch if you stay sour. I let it go and had an amazing night with friends and family. Joe drank many beers and I have not seen him so relaxed and carefree for a bit. Back to real life tomorrow. xo

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On the side of a hill in the deep forest green

I think there are definitely a breed of folks who are suited to festival living. I was falling right in the middle of the continuum yesterday as I felt old and tired some parts of the day, but would then be energized and refreshed randomly by a lovely person (or funnel cake) a few moments later. I am happy that the response has been positive and folks seem to like our stuff! Yay! I also had the treat of meeting her and her and her and also getting to see her again (God I love her and never get to see her!) It is really cool to meet some local bloggers that I read and I enjoyed putting the face to the blog. They were lovely! Finn and Blaise has a blast with all the people and sights and sounds. They danced all day! (The porta potties were a bit much for Finn though!)
I type quickly this morning as I have to pack a cooler, chug java, pop Tylenol, and motor. I got festival soul to develop.

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I Can Go for Miles if You Know What I Mean

Today is the first day of the festival where Little Alouette will have a booth. I am excited and terrified. I hope the energy is wonderful and I hope the folks like our wares. I will pretty much suck at posting until Monday, but after some rest on Monday I will be back with full force! Yahoo!

1. DSC04778, 2. Comfest 07, 3. Comfest says bike, dont drive, 4. Comfest-ers, 5. DSC07143_2, 6. Comfest 2007 Pride Parade

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I looked to the children, I drank from the fountain

Won't ya please go check out the new fabulous BLOGNOSH magazine!!!!
It rocks and I am a lucky little girl bc I get to be an education channel editor!
So send me cool education posts from you or around the web!!!!
amytsharp (at) gmail (dot) com
BlogNosh is cool bc it promotes blogs and you can go there and find interesting posts from all over the web in areas that interest you most!
Go check it out now

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We're all looking at a different picture/Thru this new frame of mind

When I met up with the fabulous BOSSY
I also got to meet other cool ladies and one of them is sweet Amy from Pretty Babies and she has tagged me for a meme about 6 random, unspectacular quirks that you possess.
Well, I am pretty quirky all the way round, so this should not be hard.

1. I didn't really watch TV until I was 25 years old and now I am a tivo whore with a sick predilection for reality shows.

2. I don't like to share Milk based products.

3. I can make an entire room full of small children settle and come under my spell. I am like the pied piper. ( But not with my own kids!)

4. I don't mind the sensation of a wedgie.

5. I have irrational fears of tiger and lions.

6. I always kiss the plane right before I board. I try and not let the flight attendants catch me but sometimes they do and they look at me in a weird way.
OK...So here you and you and you and you and you and you are tagged. Tell me yr quirks! xoxoxoxo

Lookie at some more of the lovely little wee chairs for Friday's festival

need a girl!

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Death came and hung her coat

In my novel there is a bit of Virginia Woolf. She is woven in and out a bit and I have been day dreaming about her. I want desperately to visit her estate in Sussex owned by the national trust this year. If we don't sell this other home then Joe will go alone to England this Fall, but if we do mama is so taking a train by herself to Sussex!!!!

I want to walk along the river Ouse and let my mind wander. I want to find that small particle I am still looking for, that thread that catches and straps the book together a bit better. I am searching here in Ohio, but I feel like I could discover more there. I think about TS Eliot and the Bloomsbury group and how I always thought I might have made a good beatnik, but now rather think about how I would have made a good Bloomsgal. I love reading about the English collective of modern thought. I love watching films and documentaries. I like the way they dressed.

I had the pleasure of knowing a woman for a little while in Athens, Ohio who was a Woolf scholar and at that precise moment in my formative brain molding, I did not get it all. I was uncertain why someone would want to dive so deep into Woolf.
I am starting to get it now. My mind grew and unfolded and every time I read Woolf now I see that spark in that scholars eyes-
I feel that spark in my own eye.

It flickers like a beacon to other women artists.
It shines.

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You can see, you can see light

It is like when there is no underwear clean in the house

and my husband tries hard not to mumble as he plods on commando to work

and like when there are lots of ingredients in the pantry but non match

It is like when the floor is crunchy underfoot

and the ginormous piles of might be clean laundry on the wooden floor

mock to the empty pine drawers

It is like if someone were to pop in unannounced today I might die

It is like that always when my creative self is trumping my reality self

At least the children are happy


but happy

and the husband still holds me tight

at night

it's OK


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Tell it to me slowly/Tell you what?

It was a busy weekend and I am at the final push of being ready for my festival. I found a way to make handles for my bird mobiles in bags. It turns out the a 2006 desk unused desk calendar that they were throwing out at the tiny local office supply store would work just perfectly if I tore off the sheets and folded them into handles. God I love a stapler.
Hah Hah to Joe who says I bring home too much junk. I spin some of the junk to silk.
My two goals for this week are to document some cool kid art we are working on and post summer camp week 3/4 on CMP. I promise!
My dad also let me have my old Fisher Price movie viewer and it is so freaking cool. I love the crank of it and the lack of batteries and the memory of holding the cartridges that seemed so big back then.

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Jump up and down in my blue suede shoes

I wanna scream out yahoo. I am delighted that some of our products are going to be in two more local stores. Here and Here. I am freaking out! :)Like for real.
We are shipping the wee ones to grandma's tonight to continue our woodworking- we have to make a major push this week
end as we only have three weeks left until the big festival.
Work work work.
The postman came today and I ran to the table to bust open this little box from my fellow kirtsy editor and pal SimpleSong.
She sent me a lovely card for fathers day and some sweet treats. Check her shop out- love her!

Happy weekend xoxox

check out cheekymonkeyplay for a new mother-talk book review :)

She glows around you like the moon

A day full of yard work on the other unsold house. There was an open house today and I wanted to throw myself over the patch of grass where the St. Joseph statue is buried and scream through the dirt...WORK DUDE!!!!!
Instead I lovingly pulled tiny weeds from deep brown mulch and stayed positive. I smiled through the BS.
I also worked on kids chairs today and felt ridiculously proud of my garden.