baby love

I am a really lucky girl.
First my pub night gals (what a crew love love love love love them) took me out for ice cream and a movie and gave me a gift certificate for 24 hours of a mother's helper.
How rad is that? 24 hours of my choice already paid for to my neighbor teen to come and help out with anything I need in the weeks after the babe comes...Love this idea and plan to steal it.

Then today my childhood BFF Michelle and dear pal Carrie
gave me and my preggo friend Kels a baby shower!
It was lovely.
I have not been so relaxed in months.
Joe took the boys hiking and I just sat around with amazing women and stuffed my face with gorgeous food and opened pressies.
It was ace.

Then tonight I finished up the nursery.
It feels so real to stock it with blankies and diapers and such.
Finn gave up his room to bunk with Blaise (Hello BUNKBEDS) and we turned his old room into the nursery without spending a dime.

We just re-purposed textiles and furniture and rugs and made it work.
It is simple but I think a really sweet cozy space.

I love some of the cute new additions to the room though- like the new quilt made by a dear friend and the tiny moccasins given from my fashionista pal.
I love all the receiving blankets and tiny diaper covers.
I love it all.

I will stop gushing now.
it's just all so real.

Every day I wake up and it's Sunday

Me and Blaise took off for a bit yesterday and hit the thrift store. I had been itching to go thrifting for couple weeks. Score. I found a brand new Bialetti espresso stove top machine! I am enjoying java now before the boys really wake. They are with me downstairs as Joe sleeps still, but they are yet to fully rouse.
They are in that precious ten minutes of weekend morning just awake- a kinda place where I guess they are still groggy and processing dreams and thinking about last night. It is a quiet place.

We worked with some dye yesterday for a gift for a new baby in the neighborhood. We took some old white stained clothes and they are now reborn. I think recycling and hand me downing can be a great way to welcome new kiddos. I feel just as confident taking over a little basket of hand me downs as I would a gift from Target. I actually feel better.

****Clearance Sale over at old shop here. Please check it out. One teether left at sale price. I am moving everything to little alouette. Merci. :)

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With my own two hands/I can reach out to you

You know those framed art pieces that sit dusty in thrift stores or in yr own basement?
The inspirational quote with majestic mountain backdrop or that Monet Starry Night from yr college apartment?
They always look so sad to me and sometimes I buy them for a quarter just to do things like this:

We took Styrofoam meat trays and made some prints
like these ones from valentines)
simple simple
Just carve yr image with a toothpick in Styrofoam!
(We used some of daddy's old blueprints for paper)
Then we took a sad little Rosemary poem print picture and decoupaged Finn's prints right over the glass. It is drying nicely and for gift giving you could go over the top to make sure no bubbles were trapped, but for a four year old he did a great job!
We also had some cool prints left over in the Finnian organics series to give as cards.
It was a very productive morning and Finn learned to recycle and upcycle and think about art beyond perfect crisp new supplies!

Too bad the rest of the day is looking kinda like this:

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And the Tide's Gonna Turn/and It's All Gonna Roll Your Way.

If this is the donation pile and we all made money then you can imagine how big a production it was. Wonderful day for a tag sale. We purged the basement and made some money and our pals made some cash for their non profit. We had a charity lemonade stand and kids and puppies and sunshine. I am hours later a bit sun kissed and tired like a nut, but I am thankful that the day went well. I like this and this today. Happy Saturday xoxo

it's that little souvenir of a colourful year

I was feeling that urge to make today. We went to the first outdoor farmers market of the year in our town this morning at 7:30am. We let daddy sleep in and had a blast walking around and thinking about all the yummy food that is back! Asparagus hello!
The annual plant sale was in full bloom and looking amazing.
Later the boys left to go spend the night with grandma and papa and Joe decided to take a I made this:
(I have been gearing up for my tag sale next Saturday and wanted to salvage some of the small scrappy stuff that I figured might not sell and would be tossed or donated. I thought it was a cool way to preserve some trinkets for the boys in an useful way.) How do we collect so much nonsense?

I never did believe in the ways of magic/But I'm beginning to wonder why

I've been making art smocks for kids for COMFEST.!!!!
I tried to sew smocks at first and found that it was time consuming and pricey, so I had the idea at the thrift store to purchase a bunch of 99 cent uniforms and scrubs and jazz em up for art smocks. It totally works and it is green and fabulous! I feel really good about them as they are all unique and funky and I hope they find good homes with artsy wee ones this summer. Finn loves his!
I am loving pinwheels this week. They are so simple to make. Here is a cool template.
On our walk today we stopped at the pinwheel garden at the local church to look and Finn was obsessed with dandelions. He swears he has never made a wish on one. I told him I was sure last year we did this. His memory is funny like that. He can remember certain things now with clarity, particularly anything involving sugar or going fast, but some things he does not. So we sat down and blew the seeds off dandelions for a bit and Blaise was delighted of course and it reminded me of last year and the fireflies.
One of the things I think Finn gets from Joe is his delight in the here and now. They both are like that. They both tend to allow the pure joy of a moment wash over them and are able to block any other stimuli and simply be. I find that I am like this rarely. I want to be like this more.